The nitrile rubber shields can be mounted on the backside of two and four bolt flange units and the equipment it is bolted onto. The backside guard protects your bearings from dust and moisture and help lead to longer bearing life in applications where this can be an issue. The nitrile rubber on the steel plate come without a drain slot and is designed for dust protection. Some applications where this product could be used include: aggregate applications, fertilizer spreaders, salt spreaders and agricultural applications where dirt can reach the backside of bearing units. The nitrile rubber on the 304 stainless steel plate with the drain slot is designed to protect your bearing units in applications that are exposed to moisture and where moisture or water build up can create issues. These backside guards can be utilized in food and beverage applications where they are being washed down as well as pharmaceutical applications. The stainless steel core is perfect for situations where regular steel can rust quickly.

  ITEM with Drain Slot ITEM with Drain Slot
3/4" BS-FL204-12 BSD-FL204-12 BS-F204-12 BSD-F204-12
20mm BS-FL204 BSD-FL204 BS-F204 BSD-F204
1” BS-FL205-16 BSD-FL205-16 BS-F205-16 BSD-F205-16
25mm BS-FL205 BSD-FL205 BS-F205 BSD-F205
1-3/16” BS-FL206-19 BSD-FL206-19 BS-F206-19 BSD-F206-19
1-1/4” BS-FL206-20 BSD-FL206-20 BS-F206-20 BSD-F206-20
30mm BS-FL206 BSD-FL206 BS-F206 BS-F206
1-1/4” BS-FL207-20 BSD-FL207-20 BS-F207-20 BSD-F207-20
1-3/8” BS-FL207-22 BSD-FL207-22 BS-F207-22 BSD-F207-22
1-7/16” BS-FL207-23 BSD-FL207-23 BS-F207-23 BSD-F207-23
35mm BS-FL207 BSD-FL207 BS-F207 BSD-F207
1-1/2” BS-FL208-24 BSD-FL208-24 BS-F208-24 BSD-F208-24
40mm BS-FL208 BSD-FL208 BS-F208 BSD-F208
1-11/16" BS-FL209-27 BSD-FL209-27 BS-F209-27 BSD-F209-27
1-3/4” BS-FL209-28 BSD-FL209-28 BS-F209-28 BSD-F209-28
45mm BS-FL209 BSD-FL209 BS-F209 BSD-F209
1-15/16” BS-FL210-31 BSD-FL210-31 BS-F210-31 BSD-F210-31
2” BS-FL210-32 BSD-FL210-32 BS-F210-32 BSD-F210-32
50mm BS-FL210 BSD-FL210 BS-F210 BSD-F210
2” BS-FL211-32 BSD-FL211-32 BS-F211-32 BSD-F211-32
2-3/16” BS-FL211-35 BSD-FL211-35 BS-F211-35 BSD-F211-35
55mm BS-FL211 BSD-FL211 BS-F211 BSD-F211
2-7/16" BS-FL212-39 BSD-FL212-39 BS-F212-39 BSD-F212-39
60mm BS-FL212 BSD-FL212 BS-F212 BSD-F212