The FYH Dust Resistant Units consists of a variety of supplemental sealing options that function extremely well in the exclusion of foreign matter. These options can work well by themselves or in combination with each other. From food processing and agricultural to wash-down and mining and aggregate, the FYH Dust Resistant Units can stand up to the toughest contamination challenges.

Triple-Lip seals (suffix code: L3)

The L3 seal consists of a stamped steel shield with a molded NBR try-ply seal affixed to the inner portion of the shield, all of which is attached to the outer ring of the bearing. The triple-lip seal is excellent for resisting all types of contamination and is appropriate for low to moderate speeds.

Tight Triple-Lip seals (suffix code: LT3)

The LT3 Triple-Lip seal fits tighter than the standard L3 seal. The rotating torque of the LT3 seal is approximately double that of the standard L3 seal, and it is appropriate where contamination or moisture are very high and rotating speeds are very low.
Stamped steel and cast iron covers are available in open or closed versions in a complete range of sizes. They are easy to install and they offer great resistance to wet and dry contaminates, and shocks and heats. Covers protect the entire bearing insert from contamination and they also help to provide a safer working environment.
Stamped Steel Open Covers
  Cast Iron Open Covers

These nitrile rubber shields can be mounted on the backside of two and four bolt flange units and the equipment it is bolted onto. The backside seal protects your bearings from dust and moisture in applications where this can be an issue.

The nitrile rubber on the steel plate comes without a drain slot and is designed for dust protection. The nitrile rubber on the 304 stainless steel plate with the drain slot is designed to protect your bearings in applications that are exposed to moisture.