Unit combinations chart

UC P 2 07 J L3

Bearing  No.:
Housing No.:


UK P 2 09 J CD + H2309X

Bearing  No.:
Housing No.:
Steel Plate cover No.:

(closed type)D-9
(open    type)C-9X40

UC F 2 09 J L3 FD D1K2 G6 A1

Bearing  No.:
Housing No.:
Cast iron Cover No.:

(closed type) 209FD

Bearing model code
model code
UC Cylindrical Bore with Set Screws
UC-S6 Cylindrical Bore with Set Screws ( Stainless Steel series)
UK Tapered Bore with Adapter sleeve
NA Cylindrical Bore with Eccentric Locking collar
NC Cylindrical Bore with Concentric locking collar
SB Cylindrical Bore with Set Screws ( lightweight type)
SU Cylindrical Bore with Set Screws ( Clean series)
SA Cylindrical Bore with Eccentric locking collar ( lightweight type)
SU-S6 Cylindrical Bore with Set Screws ( Stainless Steel series)
ER Cylindrical Bore with Set Screws Cylindrical outer
diameter,Lubricating mechanism,snap ring
RB Cylindrical Bore with Set Screws Cylindrical outer diameter
Housing model code
Housing model code Details
P Pillow Block type
IP Thick Pillow Block type
PA Tapped - Base Pillow Block type
PAN Tapped - Base Pillow Block type
PH High - Base Pillow Block type
LP Light Pillow Block type
P Pillow Block type ( Clean series  )
SP-H1 Pillow Block type ( Stainless Steel series )
SPA-H1 Tapped - Base Pillow Block type ( Stainless Steel series )
VP PlasticPillow Block type ( Thermoplastic series )
SP Compact Pillow Block type ( Stainless Steel series )
PP Stamped Steel Pillow Block type
F 4 - Bolt Flange type
FL 2 - Bolt Flange type
FA Adjustable 2 - Bolt Flange type
FB 3 - Bolt Flange type
FC 4 - Bolt Flange Cartridge type
FCF 4 - Bolt Flange Cartridge type
FS Square Piloted 4 - Bolt Flange type
FL Compact 2 - Bolt Flange type ( Clean series )
TFD-H4 3 - Bolt Flange type ( Ductile cast iron )
SF-H1 4 - Bolt Flange type ( Stainless Steel series )
SFL-H1 2 - Bolt Flange type ( Stainless Steel series )
SFL Compact 2- Bolt Flange type ( Stainless Steel series )
PF Stamped Steel 3- Bolt Flange round type
PFL Stamped Steel 2 - Bolt Flange type
VF Plastic 4 - Bolt Flange type ( Thermoplastic series )
VFL Plastic 2 - Bolt Flange type ( Thermoplastic series )
T Take - Up type
ST-H1 Take - Up type ( Stainless Steel series )
TH Section Steel FrameTake - Up type
TL channel Steel FrameTake - Up type
TU Channel Steel FrameTake - Up type
PTH Steel Plate FrameTake - Up type
NPTH Steel Plate FrameTake - Up type
C Cartridge type
HA Hanger type
Diameter series code
Diameter series code Details
0 Small size light duty
2 Normal duty
X Medium duty
3 Heavy duty
Bore dia.code
Bore dia.code Details
8 Nominal bearing bore dia.  8mm
00 Nominal bearing bore dia. 10mm
01 Nominal bearing bore dia. 12mm
02 Nominal bearing bore dia. 15mm
03 Nominal bearing bore dia. 17mm
04 and above  ( Bore dia.code )X5 = Nominal bearing bore dia. ( mm )
01-8 - ( Bore dia.code )/16 = Nominal bearing bore dia.( inch )
 ( in this case , 8/16 = 1/2inch = 12.7 mm )
As for the bore dia.inch series bearing.
Fitting code
Fitting code Details
J Tolerance class of spherical bore of the housing is
J7 ( not shown where the spherical bore diameter exceeds 120mm )
H Tolerance class of spherical bore of the housing is H7
K Tolerance class of spherical bore of the housing is K7
Accessory code


C1 ) Cover open type
D1) Cover closed type
FC Cast iron Cove open type
FD Cast iron Cover,closed type
L3 Triple-lip seal type
Note1)Standard specifications of codes
C and D are as shown below.
201-218,X05-X17…Steel Plate cover
X18-X20,305-328…Cast iron cover
Bearing special code
Item Bearing
special code
Grease D1 U-RET EDM-1
D2 SH33M
D9 Demnum L-200
G4 Cone point
G6 Capped full dog point
G7 With patch nylon
G23 Bullet Point
Seal K2 Silicone rubber
K3 Non-contact type
P3 Without seal,slinger
P4 Without seal
Others S3 Air handling series
Internal clearance and bore
accuracy are specially controlled
S5 For blower ( seal:K3,inner
clearance and bearing
accuracy are specially controlled )
S6 Stainless Steel bearing
S7 Plated bearing ( for corrosionresistance )
Housing special code
Item Housing special code Details
Bore dia.
A1 PT1/8tube thread
A2 PF1/8tube thread
A3 PT1/4tube thread
A4 PF1/4tube thread
A5 1/8NPT tube thread
B1 Right
B2 Left
B3 45°
B5 30°
B7 Both right and left
Machining E1 Machined for stamped cover
E3 Cast iron cover mounting
groove ( diameter series 2,X,3 )
E4 Non-lubricating type
H1 Stainless Steel cast Steel model ( SCS13 )
H4 Ductile iron ( FCD450-10 )
H5 Rolled Steel for general
purpose ( SS400 )
H9 Stainless Steel cast Steel
model ( SCS14 )
N1 B type ( 67.5° )
N2 C type ( 90° )
Z5 Nickel Plated housing