FYH Spherical Roller Bearing Units
More than sixty years of experience and innovation in the field of mounted ball bearing units has lead to the production of mounted spherical roller units that cater to a wide range of applications and industries. Bearing and housing production are accomplished entirely by FYH while utilizing only the highest quality of the materials available. Through meticulous design enhancements and careful material selection this heavy duty mounted roller series attains the designation of "EXTRA TOUGH".

Triple Lip Seal
±2°Self Aligning capability
The triple-lip seal maintains positive contact with a special sealing ring at virtually any angle of shaft mis-alignment. Our new patent pending sealing design protects the bearing against a variety of wet and dry contaminants and dramatically improves bearing life. The ability to accommodate shaft expansion is also available

Semi Solid Base
One piece ductile iron housings
Ductile iron housings are approximately twice as strong as cast iron, and the semi-solid base design provides an excellent mounting foundation and superior rigidity over competitive offerings. The standard housing material from FYH is ductile iron, and additional material options may also be available.

FYH Roller Grease is a calcium sulfonate complex thickened
lubricating grease formulated in 100% synthetic hydrocarbon base oil. FYH Roller Grease has excellent low temperature and high temperature performance, and it provides excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear protection. FYH Roller Grease also provides excellent corrosion protection and water wash-out resistance.
Grease temperature range: -40 to 340°F (-40 to 170°C)

Convertible from non-expansion to expansion
By simply moving a snap ring on the back of the unit the bearing can easily be converted from non-expansion to expansion or vice versa. This procedure can be easily performed in the field even after the unit has been mounted.

Installation Guide
Engineering Information