LUBE EZ_Flyer   Introducing our new FYH LUBE EZ electrochemical automatic single point lubricator. Sample units can be found at our distributor locations around the world.

This automatic lubrication system operates based on the proven technology of electrochemical reaction which generates inert nitrogen (N2) gas through the systematic use of an electrolyte and electrical energy. FYH LUBE EZ can be programmed easily with five different preset dispensing rates of 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months and is filled with FYH Lithium Bearing Grease. FYH LUBE EZ is not only a great match with FYH Pillow Block Units, but also offers a cost effective solution for a wide variety of industrial applications. In addition, the intuitive design of FYH LUBE EZ ensures both error-free operation and safe use.
LUBE EZ_Description
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