FYH APPThe FYH Selection Guide App is a useful tool for choosing the proper mounted bearing unit for virtually any application.
Simply follow the steps below to get started.

1. Choose the housing style that best suits your application by selecting the housing icon for a specific mounting configuration. (or, “by selecting any of the housing icons for a specific mounting configuration.”)

2. Select the shaft size and duty series that is needed for your application.

3. Select STANDARD for general purpose operating environments, or select Temperature, Wash Down, Air Handling, or Dust and Dirt for more specific operating environments.

4. Select the shaft locking style for your bearing insert.

5. Based on your selections, one or more of the most suitable units for your application will be generated.

6. A PDF file which shows all the key dimensions and product information will be available for download and sharing. You can share this file by clicking on the share icon. The mail app will appear with the selected unit PDF attached.

You can go back one or more steps at any time while navigating this app and make any changes needed. Changing the requirements will yield different bearing units to be offered.

Be there for the unveiling of the most revolutionary locking system at the trade shows below, summer of 2014.

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