Recently we unveiled our patent pending Z LOCK bearing units.
Z Lock is the fastest and easiest locking system while allowing for maximum holding power. In a word the Z LOCK is revolutionary.

The Z LOCK can be dismounted easily as well by removing the mounting cap bolts and taking two of them and inserting them into the threaded dismounting holes. Before inserting the cap bolts into the dismounting holes you would remove the two yellow plastic plugs to protect the threaded dismounting holes from the dust and dirt. FYH is changing the design slightly; we have eliminated the plastic plugs and have replaced them with the same cap bolts used in the mounting process. The dismounting cap bolts are silver in color to be easily distinguished from the black mounting cap bolts. When mounting the Z LOCK the black bolt caps will be tightened. When it is time to remove the Z LOCK unit, all the black mounting bolts and silver cap bolts will be removed. Two of black mounting bolts will be tightened into the dismounting holes and the collar will disengage.

The main advantages to this change are
*The cap bolt can be uninstalled using the same key
*The cap bolt can be secured better to protect the dismounting holes
*The steel cap bolt protects against heat better than the plastic cap

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